Indicators are generally used for signaling applications on MCC, Control Desks, Remote control stations etc. We offer our SERIES X - the world's best Panel mount LED indicator with an estimated life of 1,00,000 hours - you can rest in peace with these indicators - without the hassle of changing bulbs or replacing indicators.

The design of these indicators features a LED Module which can be replaced just like bulbs from the front of the panel - no rewiring during maintenence. Besides, the Series X indicators come with a Free replacement warranty for 5 years against any manufacturing defects.

Very compact in size - suitable for Panel Mounting Ø22.5 mm. Adapter available for Ø30.5mm.
Excellent illumination in all colours.
Modular LED unit can be replaced like bulbs from the front of the panel
Wide visibility from all angles even from the sides
Shrouded terminals for finger protection
All supply voltages possible
Excellent repeatability of colour in all lots

Illumination Method
LED cluster operated with suitable circuitory for supply.
Applicable LED Lamp
Integral LED module with lense.
Current (Approx.)
10mA-15mA (depends on supply voltage & colour).
Available Models
(Supply Voltage)
Suitable standard voltage-
AC - 24v, 110v, 220v, 240v 50Hz.
DC - 6v, 12v, 24v, 110v & 220v
Voltage Range
-25% to + 10% for 24v, 110v, 220v & 240v AC 50 Hz. & ±10% for, 6v, 12v, 24v, 110v & 220v DC supply.
Insulation Resistance
100 Mega ohms or more between live parts & ground.
With Stand Voltage
Applying 2.5Kv for 1 minute between live parts & ground.
Ambient Temperature
-20 deg. C to + 50 deg. C.
Protection against dust & water (IP. 65).
Available Colours
Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Green, Ultra Bright Red, Amber and New Ultra Bright Blue.
Panel Thickness
1 to 6 mm.
Bezel Colour
M3 screw standard/solder or fastentab (option)

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